PU march breaks site collection admin settings

Let me first state that the situation I write about in this article I have experienced in a SharePoint 2013 test farm. I have done some search queries on the internet but I do not have read about it so far.

The test farm is updated with the SharePoint Public Update March. After this update there were several issues. In this post I will talk about the issue I experienced when I wanted to change Site Collection Administrator settings.

When you select site collection you normally see an overview with URL, Title, Description, Primary administrator, E-mail address and Database name. Like below:


The behavior I saw is that no information is shown about the site collection. Strange. See below:


I thought that maybe after clicking OK I would be able to set the administrators but the screen showed “no selection”.


At this moment I have no solution for this, only a workaround. With Powershell I have set the Primary and Secondary Owner Alias (Administrator). Use this cmdlet to do so:

If you have any solution for this behavior I would appreciate it when you share it with me and the readers of this blog. Thanks!

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