Beta Release of Windows Azure Drive

With Windows Azure Drive, your Windows Azure applications running in the cloud can use existing NTFS APIs to access a durable drive. This can significantly ease the migration of existing…Read more

Best wishes for 2010

Best wishes to all my readers for this new year. Also this year I will try to keep you informed about SharePoint features, issues, flaws, solutions and news. My main…Read more

Internet Explorer 9 info

Microsoft announced at the PDC yesterday that it started work on Internet Explorer 9 three weeks ago. They showed an early build of IE9 during his PDC keynote. In this…Read more

Silverlight 4 beta announced

Om Wednesday, Microsoft announced Silverlight 4, which has been designed to simplify both the development and consumption of rich-media applications and content by programmers and users. Silverlight 4 has been…Read more

CSS compare tool

Today I had to compare to CSS files. One of the test SharePoint farm and one of the production SharePoint farm. I found a nice free tool for this on…Read more

Blog moved to WordPress

Finally I moved my blog to WordPress. Hope you like it and please come back soon for more SharePoint information.Read more